We manufacture 100% of our
performance additives & resins.

Our streamlined process reduces lead time and provides a quality product that you can expect.

Strength & Control

With the additional strength that a manufacturing facility brings to the business, CEL Chemical can focus on our current product line as well as our commitment to the corrugated industry.

CEL Chemical manufactures 100% of our performance additives and resins in our Piedmont, South Carolina plant. Our volume for production is 12-14M pounds on a single shift. We will be increasing our manufacturing by 18-20M pounds yearly in the 4th quarter by adding additional equipment along with adding additional shifts. By becoming a manufacturer, we are able to stream line our process, reduce lead time, and provide customers with the quality product they are accustomed to receiving.


Quality products you can trust to directly impact your profit.


CEL Chemical has developed new product technology to be more environmentally friendly.

Quality Board

Comes from products that are formulated to meet each plant’s unique needs.